Disk Management Server Wireframes

Pre-configured Server Wireframes

If your server case or OEM model is listed below you can download a pre-configured wireframe representation of your Windows Home Server. These downloads are provided as-is, and may require some tweaking to work with your system.

Click the image link icon next to each wireframe to show a preview.

To use, right-click the appropriate XML file and save it to a share on your Windows Home Server. In the Disk Management settings dialog, click "Import" and select the downloaded file. If you need to change drive path assignments or add external disks, click "Edit Current Wireframe."

Sharing your Server Wireframe

If you've made improvements to the wireframes above, or would like to share your own, please email the file to us at signalnoise[at]idolatry[dot]org. If we love it, we'll give you credit and make it available for other users here.

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