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Disk Management is an Add-In for Microsoft Windows Home Server. This Add-In is designed for users who need more detail about their server's storage status than what the standard Server Storage interface provides.

Disk Management is available in English and Deutsch.


  • Detailed information for each disk in your Windows Home Server
  • Real-time temperature and activity monitoring
  • Capacity indicators for individual disks
  • Customizable disk names
  • Customizable 3D wireframe representation of your server

You can use the information provided by Disk Management to identify, troubleshoot, and monitor the disks inside your server.

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After building a 3D wireframe representation of your server using WHS Disk Management, you can select disks or drive bays to quickly identify the location and status of physical hard drives. The 3D wireframe can be rotated, moved, and zoomed in real-time.

Pre-configured Server Wireframes

Community-contributed wireframes are available here. We've got almost every OEM Windows Home Server covered, so you don't need to build your own wireframe.


Here are a few comments about Disk Management from recent reviews:

We made sure to install the excellent Disk Management add-in. - AutomatedHome.co.uk

Disk Management makes it easy to see what's going on with which physical disk in your server. - LifeHacker

Disk Management is a very nice presentation of an important part of any Windows Home Server. - Al West

Installing Windows Home Server Add-Ins

To install an Add-In, save the .msi file to the Add-Ins folder inside your server's Software share (\\server\Software\Add-Ins, for example). Then open the WHS Console, go to the Settings dialog box and install the Add-In using the Add-Ins tab.

To remove an Add-In, always use the Add-Ins tab in the WHS Console. Never install or uninstall an Add-In using Add/Remove Programs.

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